My Offerings

Our work together will go beyond the functionality of the gut microbiome, diet, intolerance and probiotics. We will approach your wellness from a holistic, all-encompassing perspective. You are not just a physical body. You are  a mentalemotional, physical and spiritual creature and each area of yourself is a piece of the pie that makes you beautifully whole. Because of this, we utilize a “Life Wheel” framework that evaluates key components of each of the four health areas and help you develop tools to strengthen each area.

Through my training, I utilize microbiome science, function, diet, and movement but also incorporate practices that will empower you to adequately nurture ALL of these aspects of yourself. When you can tend to the gut ecosystem in connection to each of the four areas of health ~ mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ~ you have the opportunity to experience ultimate health and a new faith in your body.

The Three Main Ways I Work With Clients

While I work with people in a very individualized way, there are three typical paths people will take in our work together.

Option One: The One-On-One Consult
You might want to schedule one session to discuss a particular issue like strategizing ways to deal with a gluten intolerance while on vacation. While it’s hard to make massive strides in health with this approach, I understand sometimes things come up and having accountability or someone to coach you through can be helpful.

Option Two: Booking A Package Of Six Coaching Sessions
They say it can take a few weeks to a few months to form a habit and many people I have worked with have opted for some kind of ongoing consultation for a period of time. Your initial coaching package will follow the “Life Wheel” Framework and target your specific key areas of need. For many, this also involves addressing specific health concerns by developing strategies specific to those concerns.  For example, I might meet with a new mother weekly for six weeks to help her figure out how to prioritize her health after the very big life shift of having a baby. We may integrate simple nutritional and lifestyle strategies that  balance out her glucose metabolism to provide more energy and clarity each day. Being able to work in an ongoing way for a period of time allows progress to be seen and the passage of some time between sessions allows answering questions, strategizing, and having the client feel like they are on the right path.

Option Three: The Buddha Belly Gut Restoration course with coaching.
This course can lay the foundation for your ultimate life. When you start this program, you will walk through a 6-week process of EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and ACTION! You will learn to tune into the cues your body is giving you, after all most negative symptoms are cues!! You will learn why your body is giving you these cues, develop tools to nurture your body and ultimately feel your best. You will gain skills in ingredient knowledge, symptom/intolerance identification through a removal protocols, mindset work, movement therapy, stress prevention, food reintroduction and routines, all the while creating your Life Vision. This is ideal for those who have struggled with health concerns related to digestion, inflammation and hormonal imbalance and are failing to find results with other interventions or approaches.  It is also great for clients who need guidance on understanding the impact of food and toxins in their environment and how they impact overall health. Strategies are taught to minimize toxic load and live a cleaner and more informed lifestyle.

I might suggest one of these, a combination of these, or other ways of working entirely after our free discovery session but regardless of how long or often we work together, I’m committed to helping you feel like your best self!

How My Process Works

I love meeting new potential clients! If you want to explore working together, here is my process:

  1. Book a free discovery session on my website (you can also contact me if you have some questions before you book).
  2. We have a 30-minute session over Zoom where I learn a bit about you so I can suggest ways we can work together.
  3. Within 48 hours after our session, I will send you an email with some proposed options of working together based on our discussion taking into consideration your health concerns, your schedule, your budget, and more.
  4. If you want to proceed to work together, you schedule and pay for a one-hour onboarding call on this site in which we take detailed health information and more.
  5. After this onboarding session, you’ll get the notes via email as well as an electronic agreement to sign about the work we will do together (your commitment, my commitment, etc.). Once you sign the agreement and send in your first payment, we can start our work.

Note: I am more than happy to develop a payment plan that works for you, but we do need at least a partial payment to start work.

Thanks for visiting this site and feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you have!