I work with clients in a variety of ways but everyone’s first step is a discovery call. This is more of a meet and greet and I won’t get into consulting but I do want to learn more about you so when I email you after, I can suggest ways we can work together that work for you.

After our discovery call and getting my email, no matter how we decide to work together I’ll do an initial onboarding call where I collect very detailed information.

You can schedule either of these from this page!

Free Consultation

Before we start, let’s set up a free 30 minute discovery call where I can learn more about you and after, I’ll suggest ways we can work together. No obligation; just two people meeting one another where you’ll do most of the talking so I can make the best suggestions in my followup.

Onboarding Consultation

After your free discovery call, if we decide to work together we’ll schedule an in-depth initial consultation where we’ll talk about your health, concerns, and more. This will be a paid one hour session and I’ll provide the notes I take to you afterwards so you have them too.