Carrie Chojnowski

Holistic Gut Health Practitioner & Certified Health Coach

Carrie is passionate, full of positive energy, and excited to empower you with tools to feel your best. Always athletic and health-conscious, Carrie hit a wall of defeat many years ago, after the development of many health issues that made it difficult for her to be the mother she wanted to be. Though medical interventions and therapies helped ease some of her symptoms, she did not find full relief until she discovered the immense impact of gut health and inflammation on the body. As Hippocrates said nearly 2500 years ago, “All disease begins in the gut” and Carrie now believes that thriving in health is truly possible if you listen to the signals your body was designed to give you and address them at the root. Carrie has a master’s degree in speech-language pathology and advanced certification in listening & spoken language, top 5% of ambassadors in a renowned holistic health company and is a certified holistic gut health coach. She’s been helping countless people, mostly women in their 40s+ go from surviving to thriving. When you can tend to the gut ecosystem in connection to each of the four areas of health ~ mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ~ you have the opportunity to experience ultimate health and a new faith in your body.

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